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Disc issues (bulging or herniated discs)

O'Brien suffered with disc issues in her neck, likely due to a few bad car accidents that she had during her teenage years. The only lasting relief and healing she experienced is spinal decompression treatment, which literally minimizes disc bulges and removes pressure from the nerves (in her case, nerves at the base of her neck were being pushed upon and irritated by bulging discs). O'Brien actually bought the very table she was successfully treated on, and the table now lives in her office. She has been successfully treating patients who have been diagnosed with disc issues for over two years now! Have you tried chiropractic before, with short-term or limited results? We understand how frustrating that can be, as she was getting adjusted quite often before she finally discovered that she had a disc issue, which responded favorably both short-term and long-term to spinal decompression therapy.

Neck Pain, Neck Stiffness, Tension Headaches

Dr. Riley explains that neck pain and headaches go hand in hand, in terms of what is causing the symptoms. In her clinical experience as a chiropractor, she found that adjusting the neck has a direct, positive effect on headaches a person may be experiencing. She would like to extend some advice on the topic of headaches, even if you choose not to visit Affinity Chiropractic & Wellness: increase your intake of water (the formula to try for is as follows: take your weight, divide by two, and that is the amount of water you should aim for each day, in ounces). Dehydration is a major contributing factor in the incidence of tension-type headaches!


Dr. Riley was diagnosed with scoliosis as a teen. She is not just a chiropractor, She's a chiropractic patient as well! She has tips and ways to help kids and adults who suffer from scoliosis. The body is meant to be equal and symmetrical from left to right, and if there is a twist, turn, or curve in your spine, you may not feel as good or move as well as you should! For those of you with scoliosis, Dr. Riley would love to consult with you to show you what chiropractic can do to improve your quality of life!

O'Brien has worked with both children and adults who have scoliosis. She has had the opportunity to work with mild and moderate cases of spinal curvature, and is thrilled to say that there have been a few cases in which chiropractic care was able to decrease the amount of curvature in the patients spine! Of course, these particular patients were teenagers, which means they were still growing and developing, so if you know a teenager who has been diagnosed with scoliosis, consider chiropractic care, not only for relief of symptoms, but for correction and stabilization of a growing spine as well.

Lower back pain & Sciatica

Dr. Riley explains that lower back pain and sciatica can commonly occur. Did you know that lower back pain is the second most common culprit for missing work due to illness, second only to the common cold? Every single patient with lower back pain has come to Affinity Chiropractic & Wellness with slightly different symptoms, sometimes with pain running into the buttock or even down the leg. Much of the time, chiropractic care has proven to be very successful and effective in relieving lower back pain. Lower back pain can be very annoying, tiring, and it can make you feel downright awful! Come visit us to see our efficient approach to your lower back/sciatic symptoms.

Sciatica started giving O'Brien fits of aches and pains at the young age of 14. Her dad took her to the chiropractor when she was 17 (3 years later!), and she started experiencing relief in just a few visits. Unfortunately, they did not return for all of the recommended visits that first time around, and it ended up taking quite a while to fully recover from her long-standing sciatic condition. When patients come in with sciatica, it really tugs at O'Brien's heart strings, as she can truly empathize with their condition. Rest assured, the Affinity Chiropractic & Wellness team will do everything they possibly can not only to relieve your lower back pain and sciatica, but to figure out what's causing the symptoms (pain, numbness, tingling, and/or weakness). The goal is to correct what's causing the spinal dysfunction to help you heal!

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